Digital Tilt Sensor
Smallest and most reliable inclination detector in the world protecting the car, motorcycle, scooter against an attempt of towing away.
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Ultrasonic Sensor
Protects interior of a car. Build with quality components and renowned microphones.
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Kia Niro
New #KiaNiro #Kia #Niro verified and added, get update for #TytanAlarms #DS512 #DS410
On 20th May 2016 we celebrate 25 years on the vehicle security systems market!!
Tytan®GPS - know where your car is!

No platform, no montlhy contract, no hidden fees - Tytan®GPS mobile application allows to control Tytan®GPS DS512 and Tytan®GPS DS511 CAN-bus Vehicle Security System with GPS and GSM. User may check current vehicle position and speed. TytanGPS also monitors state of alarm, ignition, bonnet, doors and trunk or even vehicle battery voltage.

Tytan®SAT tracking devices

Our Tytan®SAT GPS tracking devices are integrated with well-known Polish and international GPS tracking systems. Wialon, GPSGate, Tytan®SAT, Globtrak, GPS-server, Abbotrack and other. The choice is yours where you will track your vehicles.